Here is a fun project i worked on a few months ago , i was asked to illustrate two phobias.

linonophobia – The fear of string , and chirophobia – The fear of hands

Both of the pieces were created with pen ,watercolour and handstitch.

( images include detail shots of finished pieces )


phobia of string phobia of hands


Hello there stranger ..

so , admittedly it has been far , FAR too long since i have updated on here .. but far from abandoning ship , i am back to hold my hands up and get stuck back in with The main reason for my absence has been a very busy work schedule over the summer basically , which left me in a bit of a rut inspirationally speaking . Art-wise , i have been dragging my dirty trelace of paintings to and from farmers markets left right and center (see pic.) and so basically all of that has left me little opportunity to be updating online ..



… Onwards and upwards! though  , and in the true-meaning of the phrase ; two less than two weeks from today i am due to start a higher national diploma course in illustration , one that hopefully will inspire and enlighten me  and shine a beam of light down the path to a future career for me . I cant express how optimistic i am at the moment!

..Anyway ill leave my update there for the time being as i must be on my merry way to the grocery shop but , as a wise man once said , ‘ill be back’ … and i will , much , much sooner than you think!


Hey guys! , just thought i would update on here as i have been slightly neglecting the page a bit! , However  i am not without reason! ; i have been getting paintings and drawings together for an upcoming collabritive exhibition (see flyer below) , and i FINALLY have my ‘moonface’ piece finished! :

watercolour pen and ink

watercolour pen and ink


Id really appreciate some feedback! it is super experimental so id love some opinions on what can be changed etc, anyway guys i think ill leave it there , just a small update , ill be back soon! .. and don’t forget to check out the exhibition flyer below!



Thanks for taking the time to view my blog! .  It means a lot believe me!  I am an Irish Illustrator  , drawing is something that is  just neatly twisted around every aspect of my life  , i do it at work,  at home ,  on the bus and i would really love to do it professionally too! The fact that you are reading this means i  already consider you a friend of my art , wherever you may be in the world , it would mean a lot if you could leave me a comment , just to let me know you were here!

so i think that’s all , don’t forget to click the links above to see some of my artwork and why not check out more of what i do on facebook  (don’t forget to’ like’ the page!)